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FRANCE COPTER is an airline whose core of business is business aviation.

We offer business solutions (private jets, luxury helicopter configuration) for your travel and business trips.

From the business travel (helicopter and private jet ) to the aerial work (Shooting by helicopter, helicopter need for film and TV news) and also the freight : transporting urgent goods, our helicopters are available from Paris, La Ferte Alais, and any other airport in Europe.

FRANCE COPTER offers its expertise to find you the most suitable to suit your needs helicopter and jet solutions.


At any time, our teams and helicopters based in Paris are at your disposal for your VIP transport and for all your business travel, planned or last minute.

As Europe's leading tourism Helicopter, FRANCE COPTER offers baptisms helicopter around Paris, from Paris (Paris heliport), tourist helicopter flights over different regions of France, but also prestige helicopter tours


FRANCE COPTER offers companies Incentives, exceptional gifts for your customers , gourmet gastronomic escapades by helicopter in the different regions of France.

France copter is present on different events and different helicopters events. That is why we offer our sheds on La Ferte Alais for all your events needs.